Friday, December 18, 2009


I've been a little out of my element, but I'm hoping the break will give me time to sleep (without guilt) and before I know it I'll be in my second trimester and I'll be able to stomach cooking again and my poor husband won't have to eat take out or sausage for every meal while I choke down toast or steal his bacon.

Tomorrow, I'm cutting my fingernails really short, taking a shower, finishing some last minute Christmas shopping, finishing the deep clean of the apartment (our little home looks ridiculous now as one room is cleaned but flooded with laundry, another sparkles, and the other two are neglected and patiently waiting their turn as they hold the excess found in the clean rooms), and I'm FINALLY taking in my laptop so they can fix the overheating problem. I'm a little afraid I'll lose everything, but my pops backed up everything when I was home in October and I've saved the few important things (pictures and picture books) that I've made since then. Andrew and I aren't the best computer people- we kinda abuse them with love and Andrew's computer revolted this week... we have to get a new battery and cord. So, due to the lack of computers, Andrew and I are going to have a terrific break void of internet and blogging until this little white notebook comes home spick and span.... though I am afraid if my little white friend is unfixable it will be replaced by a new one without yellow paint marks, tape holding the edges, and a green heart next to the keyboard. Maybe they make my computer a little trashy, but I think it gives them character. And in case you were wondering, this paragraph is a run-on sentence with periods.

It's time for a break and I'm going to eat some grits.