Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Reawakening of Facebook.

So, a while ago I deleted Facebook.
It felt good.
I took off all of my friends (unless I still talked to them on a semi-regular basis, they had been my best friend at one point, or we were related) and I really, really liked not having it.
Then I remembered something: Next month, my brother and his wife are moving to Korea for two years and Facebook is the only way to talk to them.

I reactivated.

A few days after reactivating, I realized that I did a really sketchy job managing my friends. For example, some of my close high school friends were missing, but a boy I'd kind of known for a month my freshman year of college was still there. So, I had to make a decision: delete even more people or look up old friends again.

I've begun the re-adding process.

Keep in mind that people know me as Elisa or Lissa Bogart. No one except my dads and husband call me Elisabeth. But my facebook name is Elisabeth Chandler. I'm not even sure some people recognize my name when I readd them, but I'm putting myself out there for Facebook rejection anyway.

It's embarrassing.