Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Names

I am a planner.

Okay, fine.
I'm not a planner.

Nonetheless, Andrew and I have been throwing around baby names since last February.
We find out what gender the babe is in about five weeks.
So, naturally, I am still brainstorming baby names.
I want to be determined by the time we find out so I can call the babe by a name.
(High hopes, I know).

Here are our top runners:
Forrest Lynn
Penelope Jane
Isla Elaine

And here some other options:
Clara Ann
Clara Rose
Norah Something-or-Other
Asher Benjamin
Caleb Something-or-Other
Joshua Maxwell
Miles Something-or-Other

And last, here is my favorite girl name.
Andrew vetoed it in about .5 seconds.
Yes, I am still bitter:
Ruby Scarlett