Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Country Love Affair.

I'm not sure where it started.
We didn't listen to country growing up.
[Well, except for this and this and this if it counts.]
Maybe it was because of this, maybe it wasn't.
But eventually I found this.
Then a little later, this one.
And then this one.
I even learned to play this one on the piano.

By the time I was fifteen, it was a full fledged love affair.

But it didn't stop there.
This one came out.
And yes, this was my favorite.
As was this one.
And everyone can't help but love this girl.

Mr. C. hates my country love affair.
But that didn't stop him from buying me this album last night.
Or what I didn't have from this.
Or one new single by this band as well.

Thank you, Mr. C.
And our other favorite songs, too.