Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Need Sunlight.

[Gulf Shores, Alabama in the early 90s.]

This winter seems to be never ending.
I need the sunlight so much I can barely breathe.
Except for about half of Sunday, we haven't even seen the sky in weeks.
The air is so polluted that there's a constant cloud of gross over our heads.
I feel trapped on all sides by the mountains, clouds, and ground.
And I am so over it.

I'm ready to see blue sky.
I'm ready to feel sun rays soaking into my skin.
I'm ready to not be so sickly pale.
And mostly, I'm ready for clean air.

Which works out well since we're going on a cruise in a few weeks.
I just wish it were tomorrow since my passport came last night.

P.S. I also wouldn't mind some warm rain, either.