Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Which I Ramble

Today the sun came out and the temperature went to the forties. I'll be a happy lady if the weather stays like this until March and then just gets warmer and sunnier.

This morning, as I laid in bed until ten thirty and drank a lot of water, my husband ran errands. I'm super lucky to have a dreamboat lover who lets me sleep while he gets boring things done, especially since nothing worked out for him this morning but he brought me home a milkshake and waffle fries anyway. Then he told me to get ready for the day and I complied. As a result, Mr. C. had to listen to me talk about my hair for too many minutes. I was excited because while my hair is not near as long as it has been in the past (yes, I am refraining from posting pictures), I realized it's gotten long enough that the bottom has turned wavy again. Then I realized my straightener can produce fake waves for the next month or two. Now I've just talked about my hair some more which means the hubs will have to hear about it again. Sorry love... and sorry for any hair surrounding the sink from the haircut I gave my bangs as you watched Scrubs clips.

Later, I talked to one of my favorite friends for a while and as our conversation was winding down, I spotted Mr. C. briskly walking across campus to go to work. Being the kind of wife I am, I said good-bye to my much loved friend and started stalking my husband. He was fast though so I gave up the chase by the MOA. As I turned around, he called. We met in the middle, I walked with him halfway, and then I smothered him in hugs and kisses by the crosswalk. And when I say smothered, I mean I created a sight for those walking by us. I don't care though- I'd barely seen him all day and have only seen him for five minutes since. Nine thirty needs to get here!!

Shannon Hale came to my publishing class tonight. She's a funny lady, and she signed my book so I'm pretty happy. I sent off two more children's books to publishers yesterday. Maybe I will get published one day, but at this point it's too early to even expect an answer from publishers who have had my manuscripts since October and November. Whatev. I just like to write my little stories. BUT if I ever get published, I will sign your copy. Signed books just make reading a little more fun.

Only thirty two minutes till I get to pick up the hubs... I think I'll eat some pop-tarts.