Saturday, January 09, 2010

Just a Trivial Fact

The Mona Lisa annoys Mr. C.
He'll talk about its over-rated-ness to anyone who will listen.
I'm not an art history major, but I'm positive he's not the only one who feels this way.

Though he has never defaced a print of the Mona Lisa and though he may not agree with Duchamp on Ms. Lisa's back assets, Mr. C. is still a lover of defacing images.
Sadly, however, my husband does not utilize these skills on famous pieces of art.
[He's also never made money from a urinal.
That I know of.]
Instead, he saves that his art work for the sample pictures that come in frames.

Last month, I finally replaced such a picture that Mr. C. had defaced with mustaches, bushy facial hair on women, pirate teeth and other sorts of absurdities.
It kinda looked like the things I drew in my second grade yearbook.
What can I say?
Mr. C. is a talented man.

Mr. Leo DaVinci, Thanks for providing us with the M.L. and her smile of secrets
And Mr. M. Duchamp, Thanks for making it socially acceptable to draw on people's images.