Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marking Things Off A List

If you couldn't tell, my first trimester was bad.
I didn't eat for three months.
I spent a full week on the couch playing Mario Kart.
I stayed in bed for more time than any person could and remain sane.
And over Christmas Break, I woke up and thought I was losing the babe.
There's been a lot of crying, praying, hair pulling, and stress.
There's still a lot of crying, praying, hair pulling, and stress.

I am here today to say that things are much better.
So much better that I have finally started on a checklist that's been growing since October.
Want a peek at what I've done so far the past few (mostly this) weeks, schoolwork not included?

[X] FINALLY finished thank you notes.
[X] Dropped my English major
[X] Filled out and submitted an English Minor Form since I already have one
[X] Bought my remaining textbooks.
[X] Mr. C. got our car registration taken care of
[X] Gotten a passport
[X] Gotten a Utah Driver's License with my married name
[X] Sent two more manuscripts to publishers
[X] Deep cleaned our apartment
[X] Rearranged a little of the bedroom and living room
[X] Finished editing photos I took in October and mailed them to their owners
[X] Mailed my brothers books autographed by Brandon Mull
[X] Sent a portfolio to a children's literary agent
[X] Decided to make my leave of absence as a Provo Temple Worker permanent
[X] Bought new swimsuit bottoms for our cruise
[X] Breathed.

What's left?
Schoolwork included?

[ ] Clean the car
[ ] Finish the roll of film in my old camera
[ ] Pick out a topic for my capstone course
[ ] Finish Brittney's Christmas slash Birthday present
[ ] Run errands tomorrow morning
[ ] Laundry

Plus, I ate three square meals today.
With meat included in one.
Life is looking good.