Thursday, January 07, 2010

Not to Complain, but...

Aperture is my photoshop of choice.
I have photoshop, too, which also does wonderful things.
BUT Aperture and I go way back to 2008.
Which is like, longer than my relationship with Mr. C.

Lately, I'm a little irritated with my beloved program.
Ever since this little computer came back from California, Aperture won't work.
(And yes, the computer still crashes often).

Sure, the pictures download from the camera.
Yes, they blow up to full screen.
And YES they still edit wonderfully.

But will Aperture let me transfer the files to iPhoto?
Will Aperture let me upload the files onto the internet?

Of course not.

It's 10 pm.
I've been ready to sleep since four.
And since six, I have been sitting on the couch or the bed, barely moving.
Or blinking.
But instead of admitting defeat and sleeping...
I am bugged.

I am bugged with Aperture.
I am bugged with Best Buy.
I am bugged at the end-to-end-all-messes that is our apartment.
I am bugged with my ability to only eat shakes and french fries.
And my ever-growing baby bump is bugged with my refusal to sleep.

But don't worry...
I am not bugged with Mr. C.