Friday, January 22, 2010

On A Dark and Windy Night

During a serious bout of wind last night, our lights flickered.
They flickered five or six more times.
Then we heard a BOOM... kinda like sound of the t-rex chasing victims in Jurassic Park.
Before we knew what happened, we were sitting in complete darkness.
As Mr. C. and I are mature adults, we ate Papa John's and did this for about an hour:

Mr. C. says this is not my scariest retelling. I agree.
I didn't want to scare him too bad since the power was out.
BUT this was the scariest folk tale / picture book I knew of growing up in Alabama.

P.S. I left out the scariest part of the ending which goes like this... And today, late at night, the townspeople say a voice can be heard from the swamp, saying "Tailypo, tailypo, now I've got my tailypo."