Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Might Have Said This Before.

When it came to school, I used to be like this:

I love school. I love to study. I love to grade papers and tests for a low-level history class. I love to read twentieth century handwriting all day. I love being a double major. I love the rush of filling two blue books with exam essays. I am officially a nerd. I will take a picture to document it.

Then it got like this:

I love school and work but I love Andrew Chandler more so sometimes I will skip on rainy days.

Then this:

Wait, what? There's a child in my belly? I am so excited. I am so tired. Do I have to go to school today? Please don't make me.

Followed by this:

Hi. There's a baby in my stomach and I am in love with it.

Then this:

I am so happy I can hardly contain myself. I love my husband. I love the flutters in my belly. I love not being sick anymore. I love to be a wife. I love my whole life. I even love to do the dishes while Andrew studies.

It's still like that. But it's also like this:

A paper? I am over writing papers. Did you see that pattern telling how to crochet a stuffed animal or read that baby blog that makes me cry? I think I'll learn to crochet. Oh wait. I have a paper due tomorrow... I think I'll work on a baby blanket right now. Or maybe I will eat a waffle and go to bed. That sounds nice, too. Oh! I just felt the baby move again. Andrew, come see if you can feel the baby move!!

[Dear School, It's going to be a rough road until December but I will finish you with straight C's at the very least... and to think I've had over a 3.5 for most of my college career.]