Saturday, February 27, 2010

Laugh If You Will

But I might have met a witch doctor.

Last Wednesday, Mr. C. and I were in Jamaica.
More specifically, we were at the bottom of Dunn's River Falls where the ocean and the waterfall meet.
While Mr. C. went to admire the waterfall, I started towards the ocean.
I passed a (ripped) shirtless man with his hair bundled up in dreadlocks.
He was standing with his arms crossed, examining the people in front of him, looking as if he could see into their souls.

"It's a girl," he told me as I walked in front of him.
"Oh, we actually don't know what the baby is yet," I replied.
"Trust me. It's a girl," He said again.

I walked a couple more yards.
And when I looked over my shoulder...

He was gone.