Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Of Witches and Sharks

Yesterday, my backpack and I discovered that BYU's library has two floor-to-ceiling bookshelves full of writings about witches and witch hunts, particularly regarding Salem and Early Modern Europe. This works well since I'm writing about witches in Early Modern Europe for my capstone. At first I was going to write about ghosts, but they gave me nightmares. Then I thought about werewolves until I saw the Wolf-Man preview which gave me daymares. I had to turn in a topic yesterday and witches were all I could think of so hopefully they don't invade my dreams cause we are glued together for the next few months. Seem strange for a capstone paper? The class is called Strange and Weird stories. Someone in my class is writing about Sea Monsters. I am jealous.

Speaking of monsters in the sea, today I turned on Jaws while Mr. C. was at work. I grew up on that movie. He hates it because it scares him. This is how our conversation went when he came home:

Mr. C.: "Elisabeth. No. Turn it off."

Me: "No. I wanted to watch a movie from my childhood."

Mr. C.: "You told me I was in charge when I got home. Turn it off."
(I did say that, I was watching Jaws during the conversation and wasn't listening to what I was saying. Caught me.)

Me: "No. I didn't mean it."

Mr. C.: "Now."

Me: "No."

Mr. C.: "We're going on a cruise next week. You can't watch this today."

Me: "Whatev. I've seen this a million times."

Mr. C.: "Fine, every day you say 'I won't do that because I'm scared of sharks' then you're grounded from ice cream the rest of the day."

Me: (ridiculous sigh) "Just turn it off before Quint speaks or I won't stop watching. I NEED ice cream."

It's true. Ice cream reigns my life now-a-days. I'm also ridiculously scared of sharks... so much that I thought they would eat me in swimming pools until I was eleven or twelve... or older.