Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Reasons I Loved February 3rd.

It was forty degrees
The hubs let me sleep in until 10:30
I modge podged fabric onto our breakfast tray
My class at 2 was canceled
So I walked the mile and a half to campus for class at 5
I left class halfway through to see Ben open his mission call
And THEN I found out I can eat Cafe Rio again

Most importantly...
(Well, I guess Ben's mission call is the most important. But still.
This is big.)
I cut up old clothes to cover our plastic dresser

Now Mr. C. is buying two more plastic dressers for me to cover
One for him and Rolie Polie (Baby C.)
I am so so happy since I've wanted cute dressers for-e-v-er
And now I'm going to get them

P.S. Another thing that makes today great? How funny does my skinny, regular sized arm look next to my bulging baby bump? When I was thirteen or fourteen and rail thin, I used to suck my stomach in to match the size of my arm.
I just realized how gross that was. No wonder everyone thought I was anorexic.

P.P.S. Don't judge my bad posture in the picture above. I'd been painting and modge podging almost all day and I was getting sorrrre.