Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Return of Prudence

Over the winter, Prudence lost all her gas as she sat unused in our little parking spot.
Luckily for her, Mr. C. is a devoted scooter rider.

So much that he pushed her to the gas station north of our apartment.

When we got there, he paid $1.76 to make his favorite two-wheeled friend run.

Then an old man came up to us and said "I'll trade my 1970 Ford truck for that."
Mr. C. said no.
The man did not want to listen, so Mr. C. jumped onto the scooter as soon as Prudence's thirst was quenched.
I jumped up behind him.
Then Mr. C. said no again and we said goodbye.
I can't blame that old man.
Who wouldn't want Prudence?
She is cute.

No, I am not a good scooter driver.
But Mr. C. is.

We are happy, happy that scooter weather is upon us again.