Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Seventeen Weeks

Now a days, I don't really feel pregnant.
Meaning that besides being perpetually tired and victim to the weirdest dreams of my life, I feel like I did this time last year.
I still like to wear cardigans.
I'm still in love with Andrew Chandler.
I'm still working on a history major (sorry, english).
I still take a lot of pictures.
I still feel really healthy.
And then I see a picture of myself:

My baby bump is huge!
And yes, that is food in my hand.
Don't judge me, I am eating for two.
I actually lost weight between my 3 and 4 month appointments.
I'm not sure where the weight went, but I am sure I will find it soon.
Besides, I already need a new bra.
For the second time.
Pregnancy, please continue to be good to me for the next five months.
I do not want to relive the dark days.
And lately, you are fun.

I think I will make some cookies.