Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I Have Learned Since My Last Name Changed.

1. I listen to a lot of break up and bad romance music. So much that when we drive somewhere and whip out a CD (sadly, I killed our iPod adapter), Mr. C. says, "Oh, it's your break up CD." and then "Oh, we're listening to your 'I still hate men' CD."

2. Concerning each other, neither of us have space bubbles. We can be cooped up in the same room for over twenty-four hours without doing anything besides saying "I love you the most! No battle!" "You are the best thing in the entire universe." "No, YOU are the best thing that has ever been created." and blah, blah, blah. Of course we annoy each other, but we're one of those couples that have the super power to make everyone else out of their wits. Annoying, I know. But so fun. Maybe that's why we don't spend our time with a lot of other people.

3. I must make more weird voices than anyone in the entire world. You can hear at least three of them at the end of the video here. I also sing things to Mr. C. a lot. Sometimes I sing lyrics, but mostly I sing what I am saying to him. I do not have a good voice. And my baby voice? It is so bad. Once my mama overheard me talking to Mr. C. in a sugary sweet, annoying way and she said, "Wow. I haven't heard you use that voice since you were four." Oops.

4. When I make pancakes, they generally turn out black. And pancakes from scratch? Not happening in this life or the next.

5. Mr. C. is going to be an amazing father. He'll also be completely wrapped around his children's pinky fingers, especially when it comes to the little ladies that will eventually join us. For example, when we found out a baby was on board, Mr. C. told me that I could not buy too many pink outfits if the baby is a girl and that, under no circumstances, could I buy clothes with fairies on them. But the other night as we wandered into the baby section of Target, Mr. C. emerged with a bright pink sundress complete with an appliqued fairy on the front. He informed me we had to buy it and that if this child is a boy, we'll hold onto it for the first girl. Remembering his strict conditions about baby clothes, I looked a little closer. Next to the fairy, the words "Daddy's Little Princess" were stitched into the pink. When I started to laugh, he said "What?" and begrudgingly put it back thirty minutes later after I made a deal with him that he could buy a decorated onesie for a girl and one for a boy if he really wanted to buy clothes. He was so excited, I fell in love with him all over again under the fluorescent lighting.

6. We run five or ten (sometimes more) minutes late a lot, meaning most of the time. This would have killed me when I was younger but when we were dating, Mr. C. used to take a little more time than he said he would to get ready and I adjusted myself accordingly. Now, Mr. C. is usually ready right on time but I haven't readjusted myself to being on time ever since. So there you have it- I am usually the reason we are late. Sorry, world.

7. The dryers in our apartment complex, or at least one of the dryers, are lame. Almost every time we do our laundry, we pick the lame one and end up with a kitchen laundromat, as well as draping our clothes throughout all the furniture. I will really appreciate our own washer and dryer one day.

8. Mr. C. does not like to make the bed. Meaning, when it's his turn to take care of the covers he generally does this, only with blankets in hand.

9. He also does not like to clean in general. Don't get me wrong, he's not dirty and he definitely helps me out around our little apartment, but within the first month of our marriage, he frantically said to me, "My deep clean is your sorta clean and your deep clean is like death." Those may not have been his exact words, but they were along these lines. I was a little appalled when he said this, but over time I realized that besides his mom, I'm the first girl he's ever lived with and slowly, he's coming to grips with the work a woman's deep clean entails: sweat.

10. The best nights are the ones where we exhaustedly fall into bed and end up laughing until we are both out as cold as stones. They also lead to the best mornings.