Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A One Tree Hill Kinda Day

I'm one of those people who has a hard time saying "I am having a bad day."

A stressed day?
No problem.
I can admit to that.

But a bad day?
It makes me feel gross.
Like I just ate a dozen cookies or said something bad about a friend.

That kind of feeling.

I'll give you a clue though. If you ever come to my home and see a Harry Potter (yes, that links to a little teaser) or a Jessica Darling book strewn near my body, you can safely assume I am having a bad day.

And if I'm playing Season Three of One Tree Hill- y'know, the season where Lucas and Brooke are still in love, there's lots of making out in the rain, Chris Keller is hilariously obnoxious, and Peyton keeps seeing herself as an evil angel- you can definitely assume I am having a really bad day.

For about an hour I have been thinking to myself:
Write my paper?
Pull out a Harry Potter?
What about Jessica Darling?
She's just on the shelf above HP.
And y'know... it's been a really long time since I saw the rainy episode full of love confessions from One Tree Hill.
Also, I'd really like a pizza.