Friday, March 12, 2010

Bogart Babies

Lately, for some reason, I'm a little more interested in what my siblings looked like as babies.

Want to see?







Actually, I'm really just interested in how my brothers looked. I just included me and my sister for fun.

Isn't weird how different and similar each child in a family can look? Especially when they're little?

Here are Max's two cousins.
They're still babies.
Well, Cole is still a baby.
They belong to Nathan and Joy.



I have no idea what our little Max will come out looking like.
I hope he has a lot of hair... big ambitions, I know.
I also hope he has Mr. C.'s eye color.
Oh, and that he's not ten pounds.

You can see how Mr. C. (and his brothers) looked as a baby here.
And yes, when I wrote that post we knew there was a babe in my belly.