Monday, March 15, 2010

A Good Night

Our Saturday night was not quite how I imagined.
We were planning on spending a fun day together in Salt Lake but realized we had bigger fish to fry:

Our semi-annual Costco run.

Y'know what I'm talking about.
The big one.
Where you stuff your cart with paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo and Lysol wipes?
The one where you make your husband put back the 72-count box of frozen chocolate chip cookies but let him buy the case of Dr. Pepper?
The one where your head whirls at the cash register because you spent half a paycheck but it's all stuff you need?
That one.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel, though.
We were still going to Salt Lake for a fondue night with a few friends.
Or so we thought.
When we left Costco, the rainy snow mix that had been going all day was even worse.
We checked the weather when we got home.
We decided not to drive for two hours in rain and snow.

I pouted for a little bit because I wanted to see my friends.
Andrew said he would still drive if I wanted him to.
I said we needed to go to the grocery store anyways.
So we went and spent the other half of a paycheck since it was our big monthly trip.
Y'know, the one where you've planned your meals out for a month and you buy everything except the produce, milk and bread you'll need in the coming weeks?
That one.

Then we came home and did this:

We rearranged all of our kitchen cabinets.
Including the fridge and the freezer.
We currently have a lot of food.

Then we stayed up until three talking and laughing.
During the conversation, Mr. C. made me blush as he detailed every time he saw me before we fell in love.
We are cheesy, I know.
My favorite one?

A week before we started dating, we hung out in the same group for a few hours. As we were walking out of a building, I thought my friend and I were at the back of the group. My phone went off as an over-eager boy I had just met asked me to hang out. I didn't like him- for the ten minutes I'd known him he'd both insulted me and laid it on creepily thick- and curtly vocalized my opinion about him. My friend laughed and I saw someone out of the corner of my eye.

It was the hubs.

I mentally kicked myself for saying such a thing in front of someone I didn't know, especially since he was cute (but so-so-so young).
He didn't notice my embarrassment.
He just thought, "She's single. Sweet. That answers that question."
Not that he put that thought into action for another week.
He said a total of three things to me for the rest of the three hours we were in the same vicinity.

One was that he wanted to ride in the trunk of my (now our) car since there were way too many people to fit in the seats. Ummm... what? How weird was he? I wouldn't let him. I made a girl sit across his lap instead.

One was about ice cream.

The third? "Ostriches don't really stick their heads in the ground."

A week and two days later, I went to church a little nervous since I'd been on a date with Andrew Chandler the night before and we'd held hands which (to me) was always a much bigger deal than kissing. I saw him at the water fountain, his green messenger bag hanging out by his side.

He gave me a high five.

It's safe to say he made an impression.