Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ana!

Dear Ana,

While your yesterday was your birthday, it is still your birthday here.
So, technically, I am not late writing this...



A couple of years ago, my brother came home from Iraq and quickly found himself a new woman. She was from Spain, he told us, and her name was Vesper. Oh, and he really liked her. Which was something Josh did not say.

I couldn't help myself.
I thought, "Vesper? What kind of a name is Vesper?"
Then I forgot about it because the ladies loved Josh far too much for his own good.

Then, out of nowhere, Josh had a girlfriend from Spain named Ana, like our sister Anna but with a softer "A". What happened to Vesper?

"Oh," Josh said quickly, "Vesper is Ana. Ana is Vesper."

I couldn't help myself.
I thought, "Two names? Whatev."
I kept calling her Vesper in my head.

Then, on his twenty-fourth birthday in August 2008, he called and said he was engaged.

I didn't believe him.
My brother, engaged?
To someone who was once named Vesper?
He had to be joking.
I was certain he would never get married.
And at 24?
To someone he'd only been dating for mere months?

Then, a few weeks later, Ana posted pictures of the two of them on Facebook.
They had on wedding rings.
Yes. You read that right.
My brother and his woman both had on wedding rings.
In pictures on Facebook.

So, I did what any good, nosy sister would do: I called him.
I called him and asked him if he got married.

"Oh, no." he said. "No... it's just an engagement ring."

I couldn't help myself.
I thought, "Right. My brother, my manly of the manliest brother, is wearing an engagement ring."
Can you blame me?
He's a soldier.
He used to get in bar fights.
He has the deepest voice I have ever heard.
It's not like he's Cory from Boy Meets World.

Two days later, my mom called me.
Josh and Ana had eloped.
[And I had caught them.]
He just was too scared to tell us.
Or, probably more accurately, he was too scared to tell me before he told our mom.

And that is how Ana, who lied about her name to my so-suave brother came into our family.
The best part?
She just fits right in with everyone.

Josh and Ana are ridiculously in love.
She's made my brother happier than I have ever seen him.
And we LOVE her.
We also miss her [and him!] because they recently moved to Korea.

P.S. Don't ask Josh about the Vesper-name incident.
He still hasn't gotten over it.