Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey, Sunshine.

Our friend the sun finally came out in full force today.
I didn't even have to wear a cardigan.
Mr. C. documented our day with some really flattering pictures of me.

I am probably saying some variation of "no" here.
Which means I'm practicing how to talk like a mama so I'm not complaining.

Before we got married, Mr. C. and I decided that we wanted to take a picture every day so that when we're old we can flip back and remember parts of our lives that would have been lost to the ages if they weren't documented.
The picture could be of anything.
The sky, the grass, one of us, the future Chandler children or whatev.
Thus our blog was born.

We started pasting pictures and writing little lines, counting each day we'd been married.
Sometimes it was hectic.
Sometimes I cried because each picture reminded me that I'd botched my hair. (For some reason, I thought marriage meant having little-longer than chin length hair after years and years of having hair that ranged from mid-back to belly button length.)
But in general, we did pretty well.
So well that we never missed a day.

Then the dark days known as the first trimester hit.
I told Mr. C. that I would no longer be taking pictures.
He convinced me that would be a bad decision.
We then revamped our rules to "every day except days in the first trimester".
Oh, and we didn't count the days anymore.
Since then, we've kept at it.

[This was yesterday.]

It seems we've found some unexpected followers the past few months.
We're still new to blogging etiquette and making blogging friends...
But we're glad you're here.

Oh, and I'm having serious life and style lust from a life you can find here. One day, I will be this creative and surround myself with such pretty things. One day, one day, one day.