Monday, March 01, 2010

I Made My Baby an Octopus.

A few weeks ago I realized there are a billion ways to make baby toys.
I really like homemade toys and clothes for children.
So, naturally, I taught myself how to crochet and made this for my first completed project:

Keep in mind that the only time I've ever been taught to crochet was at one of my first Achievement Days when I was younger than my youngest sibling.
I know I'm a total nerd and am going to be overly domestic, but me and Mr. C. are loving this little toy, mostly because it will be the recipient of our child's slobber.
Yay for baby toys!

P.S. Please ignore the cord drawer... it is a scary sight.
P.P.S. Sorry every post is about our bun in the oven. I'd say my baby-loving posts will be few and far between before the babe arrives, but let's be honest: We just love the little kicker.