Monday, March 22, 2010

A Letter To My Husband

Dear Andrew,

After you left today, I did not get in the shower straight away.
Instead I read a book and taped index cards to my computer.

When I got in the shower an hour later, I got face wash in my eye.
It burned.
I threw my contacts down the drain.

My eye still burns.

By the way, I stole one of your shirts today.
I also managed to squeeze into my biggest jeans.
Are you impressed?

I am, too.
Max hasn't even started rebelliously kicking them yet.

My phone went off a few minutes ago.
It was probably you.
But right now I'm writing you a letter and playing Max country music.
So my text back will just have to wait.
But don't worry, I'll answer before I finish my flash cards.

Your Wife