Wednesday, March 03, 2010

On March 3rd 2009...

[This was not March 3rd, but the next week when we called the temple to set up our love day.]

Andrew and I sat on BYU's campus during a mid-morning break. I gave him a letter I had painted him and he said "thanks." He gave me a bagel sandwich he had made me. Then he probably gave me a kiss.

Since it was March, we started talking about housing for the next school year. Prior to this conversation, he had said we should keep living where we were already living. We only lived a block away from each other and it made dating nice.

But two days before Andrew had blurted "I'm planning on it!"
Meaning, he was planning on marrying me.
(Smooth, right?)
I was planning on marrying him, too.

As we sat on campus right before we parted ways to class, Mr. C. looked at me and said, "Do you just want to get married?"

I looked back at him and said, "Are you serious?"

Then he grinned one of his over-the-moon-happy-grins and said, "Yeah."

And I said, "Sure."

"So sign a contract for spring and not for fall." and something about getting married in the summer. Followed by thirty seconds of awkward grinning and hand holding.

Then he kissed me and walked off to his class.

I sat in the JFSB courtyard and thought, "Did I just get engaged to my boyfriend of six weeks?"

And yes. Yes I had.