Thursday, March 04, 2010

Our Little Wild Thing.

Meet Maxwell David Chandler:

Mister Max was very quick to prove the witch doctor wrong.
As soon as the equipment hit my belly, he was posed for his debut moment.
After his gender was confirmed in a split second, he started to show off so much that the ultrasound technician laughed.
Then she said, "Usually I say there's a 90% chance a baby is a certain gender and I tell couples to hold onto receipts just in case. But yours is definitely a boy - don't buy him any pink."
Judging from the fifteen wonderful minutes he spent on television, I'm guessing he is going to be a handful. Which suits his name, obviously.

We are SO excited for our little boy.
Andrew almost had a heart attack of joy when he saw that his children would have an older brother.... and that he would have a "male heir."

Naturally, we bought a few outfits for our little man.

We love him.
And I am so relieved I can finally get some sleep knowing he is as healthy as can be.