Friday, March 26, 2010

A Post About Jeans

I am a skirt and dress lover.

A serious one.

I don't like jeans.
I also don't like it when I can't do something.

Right now, I can't wear jeans.
(I refuse to buy maternity pants. Ew.)

So, based on these two facts, I did the only natural thing left to do:
I wore jeans on Monday.
Problem was, they hurt.

Mr. C. and I had a study room that night.
We were actually studying.
(Mr. C. studies all the time. Me? Not so much anymore.)

Naturally, I undid my pants and took off my belly band.
(Which are great, by the way. Mine's just getting really uncomfortable.)

This was only awkward when a student walked into our room to ask if we were just hanging out or if we had reserved the room. This would have been weird anyway (seriously, who does that?), it was just really awkward because my pants were undone.

After the student left, Mr. C. felt like he was spying on us.
(He wasn't.)

When it came time for me to button up my pants, he made me hide behind the door.

My husband thinks he is a funny man.
I'd have to agree.

Then again, I am a Mr. C. lover.
A serious one.