Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Sick, Sick Day Part Two

When Mr. C. came home from work and school last night, he was fine.
Two hours later, he was completely miserable.
Neither of us slept well.
We kept getting up and down, blowing our noses and pressing cloths to our foreheads.

Read: We are pathetic sicklings.

Usually, this would be no big deal.
It is though since our last day of classes is in two weeks.
Finals are in three.

I haven't done much school-wise this semester.
I haven't been a bad student.
I haven't been a good student.
I've made pretty good grades.
I've made one really bad grade.
I took a "W" in my hardest class.
But since I used to be a far from mediocre student, it feels like I am failing.
I'm not, of course, my lowest grade is a solid C.
One that will easily turn into a B in three weeks time.

Mr. C. is at work.
I am sitting on the couch blowing my nose.
When Mr. C. gets off work, he is coming home.
Then we're (hopefully) sleeping through our classes.
When we wake up, (hopefully) we will be cured.
I am not a fan of missing class at the end of the semester.
I'm also not a fan of being sick when it's supposed to be in the sixties.