Saturday, March 27, 2010

This Post Might Bore You

Andrew and I have been married nine months.
I kinda wish we had a honeymoon baby because then I would be a mom now.
But that would probably have been too fast.
(Sorry, Max, you will get here in July).

Besides, I have a lot of other things I need to worry about.
Our little one-bedroom is not quite ready for our fam's newest addition.
I'm a big believer in deep cleaning once a week.
Mr. C. hates/secretly loves that about me.
He doesn't like it because it takes half the day and when he gets home I heavily persuade him to put his jeans in their home, not on the floor or shoved under the bed (I can see them), in one of my bins, or stuffed in a closet corner (I can see them there, too, love).
He likes it because that means the apartment is always clean and happy.

Lately, though, I've been skimping on deep cleaning and reorganizing/redoing things instead.
Yesterday I tackled the kitchen.
I haven't finished the new curtains I started last week, but I cleared almost all the appliances off the counter and painted or covered things that were squashed in tiny corners.

It was fun.
And oh my, the counters are much more pretty and spacey.
Today I have to line and clean the cabinets (hello, Old English) and tackle the alcove by the kitchen and the bathroom.
I also need to find a step stool.
Mr. C. will do his homework the whole time and then we'll got to the grocery and fabric stores. We live large lives, my friends.