Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Made it to the Fabric Store

Which was good because their calicos were all 50% off.
Andrew picked out fabric for Max's future toys.
Then he sulked because he found material he wanted me to make him dress pants out of and I told him "No. Way."
I picked out fabric for a tablecloth and chair cushions.
We also got yarn.

(Side note: I made my purse last night from an old sheet we thrifted.
It's the first bag I've ever made.
I'm stubborn and I didn't iron or look up a pattern or tutorial.
My mom is probably ashamed of my lack of organization.
But it worked and I am happy.)

This is a picture of Andrew's money.
He wanted to take a before and after picture of his wallet.
(Andrew hates fabric stores because he is a man.)
This didn't work though since we used my debit card.
His five dollars are still safe in his pocket.

By the way, tonight Andrew told me he was going to start rebutting each of my posts with sassafrass remarks. Don't count on it though- he said this after he complained about obesity and Obama for at least an hour. Don't let his innocent face fool you, my man has a political temper. One that's had him yelling at the TV and internet for at least a good week... and he's not even a Republican. Or Democrat, for that matter.

After I ignored his rants, we went and bought Chick-fil-a.
Earlier today he asked me if I wanted Chick-fil-a or flowers.
What kind of a question is that?
I'm pregnant.

And I just realized we forgot to go to the grocery store.
Milk, I will miss you all day long tomorrow.