Friday, April 09, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Today is Ben's birthday.
He is nineteen.

I'd tell you girls out there that he's around six foot three, has curly dark locks, loves to cook, and is oh-so-nice but then you might get your hopes up that he's single.

He is single.
He's also going on a mission in about a month.

So instead of telling you his dreamy qualities, like the fact that he bought glasses akin to Mr. C.'s, I'll tell you that when he was a wee toddler he could hook up the Nintendo system and play games fifteen times better than Mr. C.
As such, it's my husband's ambition to beat him in Mario Kart.

I'll also tell you that last night he told a Helen Keller joke.
Or started to.
Then he and Mr. C. debated about whether Helen Keller or her teacher were more worthy of respect while I sat and ate M&M's.

Also, since he's Max's uncle, I'll tell you that he could say "Hi" when he was eight months old. He was also learning to walk at eight months... and he might have been the cutest baby in his family. Maybe. I can't tell you for sure since I'm married to his brother and I am loyal, even when it comes to baby photos.

Happy Birthday!
We love you Ben!