Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hi, First Weekend of April

It's the first weekend of April.
That means it is Conference time again.
For the 180th time to be exact.
(Not counting the October sessions).

Some years that means laying in your pajamas for two days.
Some years it means you spend two days in Salt Lake.
Last year, it meant my fiance met my parents.
It also meant I found my wedding dress with my mama and Mr. C.'s mom... which also meant my future m-i-l saw me in my underwear.
This year, it meant a lot of candy and baby kicks.
Every year, though, it means a lot of good listening and thinking.

Saturday Conference last year:

Saturday Conference this year:

Sunday Conference last year:

Sunday Conference this year:

Mr. C. counted sixty-something dollars in change.

You'll see I looked a little crazed here.
But it's for good reason.
I lived under a rock prior to the past 48 hours.
I have just discovered the goodness that is jelly beans.

I think Max is in a sugar coma.