Monday, April 12, 2010

I Told a Lie.

Mr. C., who also has a ginormous bibliography due tomorrow, just took a little turn around the apartment. Then he came back, looked at me and said, "Baby, are you doing homework?"

And I said, "Yes."
Which was a lie.

Then there was silence.

And I said, "No."
Which was the truth.

So I turned my music up louder.

Because I am a rebel.

Really I was looking through pictures and realizing that Mr. C. likes the right side of the couch. Need proof?

Here he is before we got hitched.
He shoved that whole cupcake in his mouth:

Here he is last week
Notice the empty egg. Andrew likes candy:

He says we're going to the library in thirty minutes.
I'm okay with that as long as I get a doughnut on the way.

P.S. About the first picture... Yes. I did write my name across his shirt in powdered sugar to claim him as my own.