Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Mama

Since I'm about to see my mom, I'm going to brag about her for a minute.

I have the cutest mom.
Let me tell you why.

For starters, she's mother to six children, all of whom are at least stubborn, if not free spirited or independent... or both.
That's enough to be really cool in my book.

But if you need further proof...

She let me pierce my ears when I was four because I was dying for jewelry. Then, instead of laughing, she comforted me when I fell off a really high stool fifteen minutes after and screamed that my earrings were falling out. See? She raised determined children.

In first grade, she came to my class wearing a black bra underneath her dress. I thought this was something enormously cool for a mom to do, so I whispered it to all my friends and we giggled. She didn't even care when half of the first graders knew what color her underwear was. Sorry, Mama.

She never wanted to be called Mama but eventually resigned herself to it after my sister and I continuously called her it for years... now we call her both Mom and Mama.

In high school, my friends liked her so much that sometimes I would wander downstairs and find them telling her all about their lives before I even knew they were there.

All growing up, my mom wasn't one to encourage me about boys. Even in college, she'd listen to my stories and let me figure things out myself. She didn't want me to be so wrapped up in men that I forgot about my friends, always dreamed about my wedding, or based my self esteem off dating. Sometimes this bothered me when I was younger, but now that I'm married, I am so glad she was that way. Dating would have been so much worse if she loved or hated every other boy I loved or hated.

She planned our entire wedding reception while living cross-country from me. Aside from my dress and the photographer, I only told her the colors and flowers I wanted. Since I was the exact opposite of a bridezilla, she did virtually everything herself and it turned out wonderful... She even handmade 500 invitations and put at least half of them together all by herself. My mom is a pro.

All through my pregnancy, she's been willing to sit down and talk me through all of my 500,000 worries about pregnancy, childbirth, and my child. Most of the time the fears are irrational but she'll take as long as I need to understand whatever I'm freaking out about.

Oh, and she is the loveliest grandma. Sophie calls her and my dad "Nana Cait and Tops". Yes, it sounds just as adorable as it looks on blogger. She's also Sophie's imaginary friend.

She is the nicest, happiest lady and everyone just loves her.

Don't believe me?
Just ask someone in her fan club:

There are a lot of us, with one on the way.