Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Things about Mr. C.

Mr. C. is a funny dreamboat.
Here are some reasons to back up my claim:
  • He still wears the shoes he'd wear while playing in his high school drumline. They used to be white. I'm not sure how to explain their color now.
  • He went on his mission to Texas and thinks Texas barbecue is better than Kansas City's.
  • For the past seventeen months, he's been trying to teach me how to say "I do what I want" in Spanish.
  • He talks in his sleep.
  • He hates muffins, even when I put in extra chocolate chips for him.
  • I wanted to show him my wedding dress before our wedding, but he wouldn't look- even when I brought him into the room with the dress airing out on a hotel door the night before we got married.
  • If he didn't work at the MTC and go to BYU, his hair would be long and he'd have a beard.
  • When we first started dating, he'd always say "Ima" instead of "I'm going to".
  • He played a lot of instruments growing up, so when one of his friends wanted to start a new band and couldn't find a bass player, he bought one and taught himself for the "sake of the band". Now it sits in our living room with a second bass he bought later.
  • He's cheesy enough to think I look just as pretty without makeup as I do with it, so when I'm tan I don't wear any makeup other than mascara.
  • He started a new semester yesterday- meaning that up until Max's birth he'll be working full time AND going to school full time. Basically, he is a super hero.
  • He wants to teach Max how to snowboard from a very young age.
  • When I get quietly mad, he says "I know you're mad because you're doing ____." Then he'll act impossibly charming until I'm not mad anymore.
  • Every time we go to a museum, he acts like a tour guide for the first fifteen minutes.
  • Oh, and he's my best friend slash lover. But y0u probably already figured that one out...