Monday, April 05, 2010

This Post Rambles

Mr. C. and I own a lot of books.
A lot of books.

This is our bookshelf by the door.
Next to it you'll see our two biggest stacks of books.
We have two more bookcases, more books on almost every flat surface, and at least two more stacks of books... though not so high.
For some reason book stacks don't bother me.
That's how nerdy we are.
I love it.

Why am I telling you this?
Because today we bought five more books for forty bucks.

Thank you, Mama and Papa C for the gift card!
We loved it... and the $10 left.

Besides buying books today, I bought Max's bedding.
It's sailboats.
It's cute.
I love it.

I also starting making a cover for the nursing pillow.

I like owls... and I love how this is looking.

I thought I was bulbous before, but lately the whole center of my body is exploding.

Most dresses are still comfortable, but I'm honestly most comfortable in leggings and Andrew's shirts now a days.
Bending over and getting up gets harder every day, too.
I also have a new hate for bras I haven't had since I was thirteen.

The best part of the big belly right now?
I thought Max moved a lot before, but he rarely stops now.
If I stop walking, I feel a punch.
If Mr. C. gets too close to my stomach, he feels Max shove him.
If I put the computer on my stomach, it jiggles.
If I lay down to sleep, Max starts a party.

I love it.