Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brazil's Newest Missionary

Besides what my last post may have led you to believe, we actually went to Idaho to see this guy:

Ben leaves next week for his two-year mission to Brazil.
I'd tell you where in Brazil, but I can't pronounce it, let alone spell it.
I will tell you, though, that it starts with an "M."
On Sunday, he gave a talk at church and we sat and listened.

Ben is so popular that they had to open two overflows in order to accommodate all the people who came to see him.
He did a wonderful job on his talk and then everyone came to eat sandwiches prepared by Mama C.
It was very nice, especially because of the peanut butter bars.

What will I remember once from Ben's farewell lunch?
I'll tell you.

1. Grandpa Oberg untwisting his cane (at church!) to show off the sword hidden underneath it.
2. Going into the bathroom at church, putting my finger under cold water until it went red and yanking my wedding ring off for the final time pre-Max.
3. A four year old telling us she "made out" with a boy named Josh. What?!
4. Walking downstairs to find Ben sitting with all his friends as a girl (who he is not dating) sidled up to him to rub his back. We made fun of Ben since it was such a funny sight to see at a farewell, but I guess I don't blame him- he won't be getting back rubs for a very, very long time after next week.

And the kittens.
A wild cat decided to move into the backyard and keep her kittens in a trashcan.
True story.