Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Counting Down

Yesterday, I worked on our living room all day long.
(Did I mention I'm obsessed with making our apartment as lovely as possible before Max's arrival?)
While doing so, I cleared a space to place Max's bouncy seat in.
(Yes, I realize it will follow me across the apartment but whatev.)
This morning, Mr. C. happily put it together as I cooked breakfast.
The best part of the process?
As I mixed together waffles in the kitchen, hearing a deep breath and Mr. C. saying "Oh. Cute." to himself as he finished fixing the seat up.
He will be the best dad and he is so excited it makes me giddy.

This morning, we were finally able to get our crib ordered.
We found it quite a while ago and Mr. C. fell in love.
Then we found out it was back ordered and unavailable all over the country- both in the stores and on the internet.
But today, thanks to Mama C., we had a triumph!

We also bought our first parenting/first year of life book today.
It's like an encyclopedia and my heart flutters when I touch it.

We're going to be parents (!!!).

I want to give our babies magical childhoods, but honestly, sometimes I'm simply overwhelmed that in July I'll be feeding a child with my own body and that my days of being selfish are over.
I don't think the reality of being a parent will sink in until we hold our little man for the first time, and that's a little scary.

Then I remember that my parents started out much like Andrew and I and y'know- they did a dang good job with all four of us that are grown and are still going strong with the two of us that are still conquering fractions and decimals.

Oh, and they are still ridiculously in love, almost thirty years into marriage.
My parents are such a good example of love and support to me, both with their children and with each other.

I love that and I hope Mr. C. and I are like that to our babies, too.

In less weeks than I have fingers, I will be a mama.
And bit by bit, everything is coming together for our little bundle of love to get here.