Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Fact List

Fact: The best summer pregnancy outfit is leggings, a long shirt, and Toms. Hair washed the night before makes things even better. I am completely serious.

Fact: I am letting Mr. C. hang up that Transformers poster in our bedroom for Max because I am a good wife. Yes, Mom, I just said letting. Yes, the top of it will hit waist level.

Fact: I have a lot of projects left around this little apartment, mostly involving sorting Max's clothes and finishing wall hangings, as can be seen by the torn up canvases in the above picture. I wish the crib were not back ordered, because it makes it easier to put things off when there's a big empty spot in our bedroom.

Fact: The Alchemist, which I finished sometime last week, lived up to all the goodness I'd heard about it. If you're feeling thoughtful, it's definitely readable in one sitting. I wasn't feeling very contemplative when I started it, so I stretched it out over a week and I really liked reading it bit by bit.

Fact: I really like this picture of my sister and my dad.

Fact: When my dad was in his late teens and early twenties, his hair was as long as Anna's. He also used to run (at least) twelve miles a day in the Ozarks. Now he has short hair and runs the IT department for two restaurants you've eaten at many, many times. No, they are not fast food restaurants and yes, Mr. C. and I eat at one of them enough that some waiters recognize us.

Fact: I wrote a guest post earlier this week that can be read here.

Fact: I am happy when Mr. C. works nine and a half hours in a day because that means he won't be at school that day and I get to see him before 10 at night. Goodbye kisses at 7:45 in the morning do not count, as I am usually sleeping.

Fact: I really, really love the man in the picture above.

Fact: Even though I love him, I will never be the owner (or married to the owner) of a baby skunk or a baby hedgehog because they are wild animals.

Fact: It is laundry, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming day. Boo. I hate laundry.