Thursday, May 06, 2010

Frumpily Grumpy.

The title above, that is how I feel today.

It has not been the best day.
Basically, I feel like a zombie.

We had a doctor's appointment early this morning, which went okay but not spectacularly. We went to lunch around eleven and then came home around one, whereupon I placed myself on the couch, turned on the TV, pushed my feet under Mr. C.'s back, and waited for sleep to claim me. Nothing happened.

Then, when Mr. C. started to get ready for work at four, I followed him into the bedroom to talk to him as he got dressed. I laid on the bed, watched him tie his tie and the next thing I remember is waking up a little before six, somewhat disoriented and really grumpy.

Today at the doctor's office I learned I need to sleep more. I have a hard time sleeping a lot because I feel like I'm wasting time. Besides the wasting time thing, my body gets so sore when I sleep that sometimes I wake up almost crying from my pregnancy-pulled muscles. It's not fun. So, instead of sleeping for ten+ hours, I sleep for seven hours and then I'm a walking zombie all day. It's not fun for anyone. So, it looks like I'll be working on sleeping more and learning how to relax. I am not a relax-er. I stress and get really excited about things, but I'm scared I'll get put on bed rest if I don't learn to mellow out a little so I need to become a pro at relaxation. (See what I mean? I'm stressed about de-stressing myself.)

The other thing I'm grumpy about? All this talk of mother's day really makes me miss my family more than usual, especially my mom. I hate living so far away from them, especially as I've been kicking things into high gear to get ready to be a mother myself. I know there are pregnant girls who live much farther away from their families than I do, but sometimes being twenty hours away from your family is killer when you're growing a baby inside of you. Sometimes girls just need their moms, even when they're about to be moms themselves.

Then I remind myself that, even though I get lonely for my family, my husband's the most important part of my family and I seriously love and adore that man. I'm so excited for Max to get here because I can't wait to watch Mr. C. with his little son, who I imagine will be much like him.