Friday, May 21, 2010

I Have a Little Sister.

A few weeks ago, Mr. C. watched me call my mom with a question, stay on the phone with her for two minutes, not ask her the question, and hang up the phone.

"So what'd she say?" he asked.
"I didn't ask," I told him.
"Aunt Sandy was there and they were in a sister mode."

Mr. C. doesn't have sisters.

"A sister mode?"
"Is that when they get going on something and nothing stops them?"

A minute later, I asked, "Wait? What is that supposed to mean?"

He didn't say anything for a second.

Then he blurted, "I've seen how you get with your sister. You get going on something and no one can stop you or step into your little circle."

"Really?" I asked. "When have we ever done that?"
(Confession: My sister, sister-in-laws and I are really, really good at creating our own sister worlds. I know this, but I didn't know it was obvious.)

"When we were in California, you did it all the time."

I almost argued that we didn't because "sister mode" sounds so unclassy and is so annoying to those on the outside.
But I know that we do all the time, even over text messages.
Want to see evidence?
The picture above... it was taken a few weeks ago in California.

I have a little sister, and I love her, even though her hair looks a million times better in this picture than mine does.