Monday, May 31, 2010

A Little Fact.

Once upon a time, as in last May, Andrew went on a trip with his family to London and Paris.

(Thank you, Matt, for posting this on facebook so I could steal it.)

Since he was lonely (meaning without me) in the City of Love right before our wedding, he spent a lot of his time writing me emails on his iPod.

Back home in Missouri, I'd cry when I didn't hear from him and then cry when I did.
Pathetic, I know.
That's just how ridiculously in love we were (and are).
I could not stand to be away from him and I drove everyone crazy.
Just like he did, only he was across the ocean carrying around an iPod at all times.

Last night, while Mr. C. cleaned our kitchen, I opened up my old email and found the messages he sent me.

Among emails full of sappy sappy "I love love love love and miss miss miss miss you"s, he decided to send me a list of random facts about himself that I did not know or that he did not know that I knew.
The best one?

"I hate socks. Which conflicts with the fact that:
I don't like my toenails."

Maybe I'm just bored, but I've been chuckling at this all day long.