Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Post That Features a Robot

When we first started our blog, I didn't expect to be any level of a blogger.
I figured I'd upload a picture every day, write a sentence, and then move on. At most, I thought my mom would read what I wrote, if she had time. Which was how blogging started out for us until Joy made a blog and then my mom read ours every day, too, because she always got online to check on her grandchildren and figured the Utahns needed love, too.
(Should I mention that Mr. C. has always been this blog's most devoted reader?... probably because his nickname is in the title and he likes to look at pictures of me.)

Today, though, I feel like the epitome of a Mormon Mommy blogger, even though I don't have a child outside of my body yet.

I have decided to open an etsy shop.
This is exciting!
Also weird.
It should also be a secret since I only made this decision 24 hours ago.

I'm not good enough to sell anything today, but I've been really busy making prototypes of the toys I'll have up and running sometime soon, meaning the toys I make for the next little while will end up in Max's bin, the bedrooms of Sophie and Cole, and scattered throughout our parents' houses. I call them prototypes because I like to think I am funny.

Want to see a few?

My favorites are the robot and the pink bird.
Max can't own a pink bird, so before I even started making this one I knew it was going into the almost three-year-old hands of the Soph.
It's not a Disney Princess, but hopefully she'll like it.

Have I mentioned that making toys is a complete blast?

Let's just say Max is going to have a lot to drool on when he is born.

P.S. If you look to the left, you'll see a tacky button asking you to vote for us on a baby/pre-baby blog directory, so do so if you'd like! I'm not sure how long I'll keep us listed, but it's fun, right?

P.P.S. After a lot of frustration and sweat, I made us a button AND a scroll box for you to steal it from us. So go ahead, steal to your heart's content. It's on the right.