Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Post That Includes the BEST Picture You'll Ever See of Mr. C.

The past few days have been like this:

Just a little... off.

I could tell you this was because of little things like running out of flour (the worst thing to run out of besides bread and milk... THE worst thing if you're already out of bread and milk), our apartment building losing power in the middle of yesterday, the fact that I often can't move my body without wincing, the fact that Max gets hiccups every night when I'm laying down to go to bed (so cute and funny but also so distracting), record breaking snow at the end of May, my computer coming back completely empty (and I mean completely empty- they didn't even leave Mac OSX on it. Ask me where my disc of it is and I will tell you somewhere in between here and Lee's Summit, Missouri) or the fact that I currently don't like how anything tastes besides water, peanut butter, and honey, but I don't think I will.

They have just been weird days that will not go down in the best of days in our history books, but hey- you win some, you lose some... and in general, we are most definitely winning (meaning that we have a lot more good days than bad days).
Oh, and in less than a month we'll have been married for a year.
(And yes, I still regret chopping my locks.
I also really, really miss wearing my wedding rings.)

P.S. Want to see something funny that Mr. C. just pointed out?
If you look at our monthly pictures to the left, Mr. C. has on the SAME jacket for four months in a row.
How embarrassing.