Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sparky the Fish

On our first Valentine's, Mr. C. gave me a fish.

I named him Sparky.
He lived for two and a half months and then in early June, we found him belly side up in his little tank.
I made Mr. C. flush him down the toilet.

The cause of Sparky's death?
Food overindulgence.
After he died, we found out that both us and my roommates fed him pretty (meaning very) consistently.

Some parenting books say that you should be a pet with your spouse before you decide to have a baby.
Because you can always buy a new goldfish and name him Sparky 2.0, but children don't work the same way.

Luckily, when Max gets here, I will be the only one in charge of his food... and Mr. C. will be the only one in charge of diapers.

(Dear Mr. C., Once again, I have just proven that I am funnier than you.)
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