Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Today and Tomorrow

Today, I wore blue.
Today, I finished a lot of unfinished projects.
Today, the UPS man dropped off our much-anticipated Shutterfly book full of our wedding pictures from almost a year ago.
Today, I remembered I used to have a waist.
Today, Mr. C.'s class was canceled and he got to come home to me for two hours.
Today, Mr. C. did not want to be photographed.

Today, it actually felt like spring.
Today, I am going to finish The Alchemist.
Today, I saw lots of dandelions.
Today, I miss La Fuenta and El Maguey's back in Lee's Summit.
Today, I feel spiteful towards Provo's lack of good Mexican food.
Today, I'm eating a waffle for dinner.
And today, I am really, really happy my hair is getting long again.

Tomorrow, Mr. C. is all mine until 4:30.
Tomorrow, we are going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo a day late.
Tomorrow, I still won't see my feet.
Tomorrow, I'll finish Mother's Day presents.
Tomorrow, I'll do the laundry.

But mostly...
Tomorrow, I am afraid to go to the doctor.
Why? I'm afraid I might have gained ten pounds this month.
For the third month in a row.
Which means I'd only have five pounds left to gain before July.
I don't want to be sent to pregnancy fat camp...