Monday, May 10, 2010

When I Fed a Bear

Mostly, this video is for my brothers:

I've been wanting to go to Bear World since the first time I went to Idaho with Mr. C. to meet his parents since, y'know, we had decided to get married and figured the folks should be involved.

On Saturday, my dreams came true.

As can be seen above, I fed some bears.
They really like doughnuts.

Almost more importantly, we practiced our ROARS as we drove past the deer, elk, and bison. Those animals are boring- you can feed them via hand back in Jackson County.

I'm not sure whose ROAR is the best.
Mine? Mr. C.'s? Matt's?
You be the judge.

After we fed some bears, we went to the petting zoo and took advantage of photo opportunities.

Yes, I think it's disgusting that Ben and Matt touched the pig.
Yes, I watched while they washed their hands afterwards.
So did their Mama.

The best part of our Bear World trip, however, was when I locked my husband in a cage and didn't let him escape.
He reached for me, but I kept my distance.

Eventually, I broke down the cage and followed him out the other side.
(It led to the petting zoo.)
Sometimes, though, you've just got to show your hubs who is boss.