Tuesday, June 08, 2010


The past five days were spent like this:

Me following my mom around both in stores and in my apartment.
The woman is a machine and we love her.
Yes, I am in a wheelchair since bed rest means sitting.

Yesterday, we went back to the doctor's.
He reminded me again that Max is a sumo baby.
Then he said that I'm far enough along that they won't stop labor.
And THEN he took me off full bed rest and put me on partial bed rest.
That basically means I'm still on bed rest, but I can cook dinner or go to the store if needed.
And when I say go to the store, I mean I get to walk around.
No more wheelchairs for me.

I celebrated by getting a much-needed hair cut.
This has been the worst hair year of my life.
Well, except when I was nine and they accidently cut my hair so short that an old man called me a boy in the store.
That was embarrassing.