Friday, June 11, 2010

How to Survive Bedrest in 10 Steps by Lissa C.

1. Do not get mad at your husband.

It probably sounds silly, but it's really, really easy to get mad at your husband when he's gone all day and you spend your days sitting on the couch. All the sudden, he's become your only link to the outside world and that is really frustrating, especially when he's pulling over-twelve-hour days and then coming home to cook and clean as well. This is better now that I can cook a few times a week, but it's still hard to watch Andrew come and go as he pleases, knowing he'll find me in the exact same spot when he comes home.

2. Get ready every day.
It does wonders. Really. I feel much better when I'm dressed like I could be out and about, rather than just sitting at home. Does it create more laundry? Yes. Should this make a difference? No.

3. Make the bed every day.
I am a bed-maker. I have to have the bed made or drives me crazy. It doesn't matter if it's made with tight covers or if the covers and pillows are thrown sloppily, just as long as it's made. When I get up, I make the bed, take a shower, and move to the couch. It makes me feel like I've done something good for the world... or for our apartment, at least.

4. Pajama day once a week? YES.
Once a week, I wake up and decide that I will shower, get ready, and put my pajamas back on.... because who doesn't like a pajama day? Today is my pajama day, and that's what got me through my shower.

5. Do not get jealous of other pregnant ladies.
This morning, I pulled back our kitchen curtain to let some sun in and saw a couple coming back from working out (I'm assuming, since they were wearing work out clothes). Normally, this wouldn't bother me because other girls aren't pregnant, but this girl is not only pregnant, she's also due the week after me. As I poured my milk, I got completely jealous. Why can she work out and I can barely walk for five minutes? (And when I do walk around, you better believe I have to cup my belly in my arms.) I don't know, but I do know I still get my baby in the end so I'm happy.

6. Embrace your pregnant face.

I've been really lucky because I've mostly gained weight only to make Max's home, but things are different now that I'm halfway through the third trimester and it is summer. Add this with bed rest and you get swelling and retained water. Not an unhealthy, concerning amount, but enough to make my face look chipmunky. It's lame, but I have every intention of losing my pregnancy face (and weight!) as quickly as possible after Max gets here.

7. When you hear the words "partial bedrest", do not focus on partial.
Focus on bed rest.
This has been really hard this week, but I've done a couple of things that have shocked me back into this realization. When the doctor said partial bed rest, I was so excited I couldn't stand myself. In fact, I kinda forgot about the bed rest altogether and did way, way too much, for which I am paying for now. Let's just say this really dawned on me when I couldn't walk from the law school parking lot yesterday to the campus library where I wanted to check out some books. It was bad and I ended up sitting on the lawn waiting for Andrew to bring some books to me.

8. Always have a project.
The whole time I've been down, I've been crocheting a yellow and white blanket for Max. It's not perfect, but it's super cute and almost done... already.

9. Surround yourself with more books than you ever would imagine.
You don't think you'll get through them, but chances are you can knock out multiple books a day when you start reading early and decide to finish the book in one sitting.

10. Do not read labor and delivery horror stories on the Internet.
Just don't.