Thursday, June 17, 2010

Man Shows

My man is in love with Man Shows.
Particularly, he's in love with this Man Show.

Fact: He wishes he had Adam Richmond's job.
Fact: The show is on Instant Play.
Fact: It takes a lot of coaxing to get him to turn it off.
Fact: A new season started tonight.

He watches it with his mouth open.
But today, as the show premiered, he commented more about the commercials than the show.
Why the commercials?
Because this show was advertised during every break.

He talked about how it looked stupid but that it was a Man Show.
I sat next to him eating pancakes and thought "He is going to watch it."
The more he said it looked lame, the more I knew the TV wasn't turning off.
Man v. Food ended.
Mr. C. did not get up.
And before he knew it, he had become Man Victim #2234 for the night.
Because, let's be honest (besides women), what do men like more than food and cheap thrills?